An Oiran is a high-ranked sex worker and to receive the service of the oiran, the customer had to meet her at least 3 times. But, after the customer is able to receive her service, he will not be allowed to receive service from other oirans.

Turning this event into a meme, I use a form of panels to show the development along with the eastern pop culture references. referenced by the galaxy brain meme, the last panel will show the conflict between the event and the pop culture references in which showing the last stage of development.

The western culture references associated with this meme was from a series Game of Thrones season 1, the first episode: winter is coming. As in the scene showing King Robert paying a visit to Ned Stark at Winterfell, beforehand he met Ned’s son and said to him that he would be a soldier. Having a similar state as King Robert needs more soldier in his army he could point at anyone and let them be a soldier.

In France, there are 18-20 Kings named Louis starting from the Corolingean transition, so the meme is mocking how French Kings always named their prince ‘Louis’ like they have no brainer.

Art series means a collection consist of more than one artwork of an individual artist under a period of time. Almost all mediums of the arts can be developed into a series. An art series can share a similarity in terms of art elements or meaning behind them. As it…

Jajah’s work

I like this work because it resembles the mechanism of the music box, but at the same time, it gives different feelings to the audience since the car can represent ้hardness, strong, luxurious, and speed. On the other hand, the music box’s characteristics are calming, lulling, and softness.

These are the portraits made of food portraying the people having a meal with me. I make the portraits before eating the food and eating the surplus out. I start to draw as soon as I got the food, and after finishing, I asked the person to take a picture. There are four of my friends’ portraits and three of my family members.

I chose the food method because I got inspired by when I am in the first year, and I made a journal of the meal on Instagram.


CMD 623 I Design student I Welcome to my blog! feel free to comment or give me a clap ;)

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