Roger In The Wild │Rocks!

The target group that our group has to sell the rocks to is

— Adventurous Travelers!

First, we try to learn and get to know about our target group

What do they have in common as traits?

  • They are open-minded
  • They are seeking new experiences
  • They are free
  • They love nature and new places

So, adventurous travelers can be anyone who is open and love new experiences! They can be old or young. They can be a woman or a man. They can travel alone or with their friends.

In Netflix, there is a category of an adventure program that is all about the food, culture, places, animals, and traveling.

In youtube, there are also channels about traveling.

There is a travel book that is specifically for the person who loves to read about traveling.

And what does our ideology will be?

This is Roger. Roger is not just a typical rock. He symbolizes the journey, a bridge of bonding, and an endless chain of experiences.

We sell the idea of carrying Roger while traveling and then pass him to the other traveler you get to know on the trip. To make a chain of traveling experiences and relationships bonds through Roger.

This is our Instagram profile

We posted the introduction of Roger, the instruction for using him, and why do people need him. Then, followed by the picture of the traveling places and the process of passing him to the others in the pattern. We also encourage others to find their own Roger and do the same that there are some pictures of other rocks as well. Because Roger doesn’t have to be the ‘ONE’ we have been posting on our Instagram but, any rock that speaks up to you!

We also concerned about the palette and fonts we are using. We try to make the art direction go along together.

We used only Orange, Green, and Yellow in making infographics. Because of its energetic and cheerful vibe that is associated with the traits of our target group. Green is also the color of nature. Orange is a complementary color to green. And we use yellow as a bright color that can pop up from the background or use as a background to make the text clear to see

The fonts we chose are sans serif bold fonts because we want to imply adventures and power.

We use strategies of adding relevant hashtags to the post as much as possible. The adventurous traveler is the group that uses social media to update and make a journal of their trip a lot, they post the picture of a place they have visited to keep the moment, appreciate the beauty of nature and share to other people on social. And hashtag section is the place to keep things in a category that they can follow the trending and update what is new in the section. So, putting hashtags is a good way to approach the target group.

Also, we represent Roger's personality through our caption. We try to make him look approachable, funny, and a seeker for traveling.

And to stick to the ideology of bridging the relationships, we make a story of people getting to know each other through Roger and a story of the traveling.

This is an example of our followers that proves how we successfully approach our target and make them follow us to consume our content and ideology.

We got comments from our followers, too!